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The Complete List of User Experience (UX) Resources & Tools

The Complete List of User Experience (UX) Resources & Tools

Over 100 links to the best books, courses, newsletters, and tools out there…

“This is a continually updated list of the best UX resources.

Last updated 3/17/2016

Over the years I’ve collected a ton of different resources to help me with my product & UX work. I’ve signed up for dozens of newsletters and blog emailers, purchased a bunch of books, checked out some online courses, and have used a wide range of tools to help me bring my ideas to life. Finally, I decided to go through all of my bookmarks, emails, and text files and put of all these resources into a comprehensive list.


UX Newsletters

UX Blogs & Magazines:


Online Courses



Discussion Groups



Need to quickly create a robust prototype of your product with your mockups? These are the tools for you.

Testing Services

If you need to get your designs (or prototypes) in front of users, and gather their feedback, these are the tools for you.


Feedback Collection

Want to get a rough sense of how you’re doing? Feedback collection tools like Delighted and Usabilla can give you a sense of how you’re doing on a scale of 0–10 or “sad face” to “ecstatic face”.

Record & review user sessions

The first time I saw FullStory, I thought: “My god — I don’t need a user research coordinator anymore.” While that’s not true (I love research coordinators), these tools should be a part of every product team’s arsenal.

Card Sorting

Bad information architecture? Start here.


Get qualitative feedback from your users with a surveying tool.

User Research Recruiting

Ethnio owns this category. If you want visitors to your site or app to be screened and added to pre-defined user-research groups, this is the tool for you.


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