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So what exactly is a bot?

So what exactly is a bot?

So what exactly is a bot?

“As we see the ecosystem continue to develop, bots are increasingly showcasing a wide variety of features, from chat to menus to buttons and visual interfaces. Some bots now almost look like full-fledged apps with a variety of feature-rich options. So it begs the question… what exactly is a “bot”?

At the beginning, bots were simply chatbots, a robot you could interact with through chat. If you wrote “ping,” it would respond “pong” as an automated response. Typically, a bot would be useful to retrieve information for you, alert you at the right time or play a game with you. Very basic, very simple.

When we opened the Messenger platform, it was natural to refer to these new experiences that developers could build for our users as “bots.” Some would tell you the weather, others would send you news, all of this automated and through chat.

But as developers built more and more valuable and delightful experiences for consumers and businesses, leveraging all the tools in our platform, it became clear that “bots” were about much more than chat.”

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