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11 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers

11 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers

Teaching is changing with technology, and thanks to the Internet, there is now a wide range of tools that can assist in providing students with the best education possible. If you are a tech-savvy teacher and you’re always on the lookout for new and effective ways to provide great educational services, these 11 classroom management apps might just be for you.

  1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an online resource that connects teachers, students and parents. It’s designed to give students a voice and share moments with parents, and according to the creators, it creates a positive educational culture.

  1. Plickers

Plickers is an online tool that allows teachers to collect real-time formative assessment data, without requiring students to use devices. Using Plickers, a teacher can note which students are understanding big concepts and developing important skills, giving them real time information about who may need more assistance.

  1. Academized

Academized is a management tool that makes it easier to create teaching plans, check for plagiarism and collaborate with students during writing projects. Using this tool, teachers can more accurately examine written papers, and work with students to create interest lesson plans.

  1. Moodle

Moodle is a community-driven platform that makes it easy to collaborate. With a large academic community behind it, Moodle proves an open-source learning platform where experts and professionals can share ideas about teaching.

  1. Engrade

Engrade is a digital learning technology that helps students boost their grades, and allows teachers to learn more about modern ways to teach. This online platform introduces teachers to a new way of learning, and helps them explain new concepts to students.

  1. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free app that can be downloaded on Android devices, providing teachers with a way to connect with students inside and outside of school. The app gives students access to online worksheets, and the app automatically records how long it takes a student to complete them – providing important information about the performance of individual students.

  1. Big Assignments

Big Assignments is an educational management tool for students and teachers. Teachers can assign Big Assignment projects to students, helping them learn more about topics they struggle with, and writing assistance when they require it. It is a powerful online tool that helps people improve their overall writing skills, too.

  1. Learn Boost

Learn Boost gives you the software you need to manage your classroom and school career. With a gradebook system, you can keep track of your students’ grades efficiently. The lesson plan system is extremely popular, and there is even a parent and student feature that allows for better communication during the school year. Teachers can share student progress online, in a safe, secure platform.

  1. Socrative Teacher

Socrative Teacher is a Google application that can be downloaded on Android tablets and phones. The software is designed to engage, assess, and personalize a classroom. Teachers can use the app to create quizzes, quick polls and more, which students can interact with online. It also helps identify students who are struggling with specific topics, and allows you to manage your class schedule.

  1. Ox Essays

Ox Essays is a tool that makes collaboration with students easier, and provides writing assistance for those who need to improve their skills. It also makes it possible to get expert advice and assistance for lesson planning. Use Ox Essays to improve your class schedule, and ensure that you are providing your students with the most comprehensive syllabus possible.

  1. Paper Fellows

Paper Fellows is popular with students and teachers alike, thanks to its huge only community of academics and writers. With this huge community of writers at hand, teachers can discuss their plans to help improve their students’ skills, and learn from other teachers who may have more experience. The writing community can also help students who need to improve their writing skills, and provide an insight for teachers into how they can create better school assignments.

These online tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Any teacher looking to improve the academic performance of all their students will find a plethora of online tools that improve class scheduling and grading.

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an business consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a business writer, now she works as a part-time blog editor at Resumention. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Engadget, Huffingtonpost etc.

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