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Ten predictions for digital media in 2018

Ten predictions for digital media in 2018

1. There will be blood in the escalating battle amongst premium OTT video giants, as the market becomes over-saturated, early winners and losers are declared andNetflix finds itself increasingly in everyone’s lines of sight — including Disney’s and Apple’s.
2. Most other new premium OTT video market entrants in this beyond-crowded premium OTT video space — including so-called niche-focused OTT video services — will be swallowed up or simply languish, squeezed out by market leaders and the sheer scale of Google and Facebook, with which they simply can’t compete for ad dollars.
 3. The Hollywood community will begin to increasingly understand the power of new cost-effective technology-driven ways to test and measure new characters, stories and engagement in order to more smartly and efficiently place their big expensive bets. 
4. Spotify will go public at a lofty valuation, but those numbers and overall investor confidence will decline throughout the year, together with Pandora’s, as these two pure-play global streaming music leaders find it increasingly difficult to compete against “big box” behemoths Apple, Amazon and Google/YouTube. 
5. One company’s struggles are another company’s opportunity, and successful “bigger fish” will step up their M&A efforts to acquire those companies that see no long-term path to making it on their own.
 6. Data finally becomes a high-profile, high-priority “missing link” in the strategies of most media and entertainment companies that will try to correct course.
7. Brave new technologies like AI (via virtual assistants Alexa, Siri and Google) flood the mainstream and increasingly impact the worlds of media, entertainment and advertising, while blockchain technology captures industry mind-share and begins to infiltrate mainstream conversations.
8. Behemoths Apple, Google and Facebook will increase their already massive investments in immersive technologies, and 2018 will be AR’s break-out year in terms of mass adoption via ARKit and ARCore, which  give our mobile phones real “spatial sense” as true AR systems.
9. Basic rudimentary text-based services and audio podcasts will continue to astound in terms of both scale and counter-programming success. 
10. The too-often-overlooked yet potentially game-changing live event and venue plank of truly 360-degree multi-platform strategies increasingly becomes noticed and offline experiments build.
RELATED BONUS PREDICTION — In reaction to 2017’s sobering and frequently shocking negative societal forces, many digital media companies will take things even further by infusing their offline efforts with social impact, an inspirational and motivational element that is already proven to be commercially smart.”

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