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PEW: Social Media Update for 2018

Social Media Update for 2018

Pew Research Center just came out with their new social media report, Social Media Use in 2018. There are some interesting changes from the last few years.

What has changed?

The percent of U.S. adults using social media sites has changed a bit – it now looks like this:

  • 73% Youtube
  • 68% Facebook
  • 35% Instagram
  • 29% Pinterest
  • 27% Snapchat
  • 25% Linkedin
  • 24% Twitter
  • 22% WhatsApp

This is the first time that Pew has included Youtube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp in their survey.

Use changes quite a bit with age. For example, adults age 18-24 are using Youtube (94%), Snapchat (74%), Instagram (71%), and Twitter (45%) quite a bit more than older adults.

Another thing Pew discovered – Latinos in the United States are using WhatsApp. That makes sense – it’s popular in Latin America (66% of people in Latin America use it, if I’m reading this right). In the United States, 49% of American Hispanics use it.”


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