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16 Amazing AR Apps Transforming Education

16 Amazing AR Apps Transforming Education

Are you ready to bring augmented reality into the classroom? If you’re a modern educator who cares about engaging their students to a higher level, you should definitely be ready!

According to Robert Maylo, an educational expert at Superior Papers, AR is changing the face of the educational system: “Augmented reality makes education more fun and engaging. By adding a new layer of information on top of the physical environment, any concept becomes fun for the students to explore. AR provides more opportunities than most teachers are aware of. They just have to explore the right apps.”

The right apps? We’ll list 16 of them!

  1. Human Anatomy Atlas 2018

Thanks to the AR features of this app, you can create an anatomy lab out of the classroom. The app comes with comprehensive male and female anatomy models. It presents all tissues and organs inside the human body.

  1. Dino On My Desk AR

This app will give life to an adorable dinosaur. Your students will scan a piece of paper and see a cute protoceratops on the screen. They can tickle it, feed it, and let it teach them about the amazing dinosaur era.

  1. Star Chart

This is one of the best astronomy apps in the App Store. The phone becomes a window into the whole universe. Your students just point their device at the sky and the app will tell them what they are looking at.

  1. AR Flashcards – Animal Alphabet

This app teaches kids two things at a time: the alphabet and the names of different animals. You’ll need the flashcards with letters and words printed out on them. Then, your students can scan the cards and see different animals presented through AR technology.

  1. ARBasketball – Augmented Reality Basketball Game

Would your students like to play basketball in the classroom? Even that is possible thanks to augmented reality. If you want to teach them about the game, this app will certainly awaken their interest.

  1. AR MeasureKit

To make measurements interesting for your students, you have to explain how they are implemented in the environment that surrounds us. This app helps you do that! You just use the phone’s camera to start measuring things from the real world.

  1. Figment AR

This app uses both augmented and virtual reality. You point the device to create a portal into the physical world and it will launch the students into a new dimension with interactive and playful objects.

  1. Planets

You can turn your students into aspiring astronomers thanks to this app. It allows your learners to explore rotating models of the planets and locate them on a flat view of the sky.

  1. JigSpace

History, science, and other subjects get more interesting when your students can explore them through objects on their desks. They can break the objects apart through this app to learn about their specific parts.

  1. Quiver

The coloring is always fun but it gets even better with this app. You’ll print out pages for your students to color, and then they will bring the objects to life with this app. They can view the animation from any angle and interact with it. They can even play games with their colored creations.

  1. Euclidean Lands

This is a lovely puzzle game that adds a virtual layer to the environment that surrounds us. It’s just a game, but your students can learn about geometry and architecture through it.

  1. Arloon Geometry

This app makes geometry fun to explore. Your students can view 3D figures from different angles and unfold their sides into flat sections. That helps them understand how to apply a formula and calculus in an easier way.

  1. Domino World AR

Domino is a great game to play in the classroom. It helps your students understand the concepts of numbers, space, and some physics. But tiles get lost, and the traditional game can create a real mess. No worries; you can use an AR app! It will display the game on the table, so your students can start playing right away.


  1. Chromville Science

Print out the pages available on the Chromville website and allow your students to color them. Use this augmented reality app to discover the world of science. Your students can explore five different categories through the app: living beings, classroom, laboratory, the human body, and planet Earth.

  1. Spacecraft 3D

This AR app is provided by NASA. Your students will interact with a variety of spacecraft that NASA uses to explore the Universe. All you need to do is print out the materials and point the camera of the mobile device to them. The device will provide a realistic model of the spacecraft.

  1. Zoo-AR

You can’t take your students to the zoo this year? No problem; they can still discover different types of animals with this AR app. You just need to download the markers, which you can print out or scan from another device’s screen. Then, the app will launch a 3D model of the animal or insect that your students would like to get to know.

Augmented reality is fun not only for students but teachers as well. It makes your job so much better. Start using the right apps for your classroom and keep adding new layers to the way you teach!


Steven Wesley is a creative writer and ESL teacher. He is interested in public relations, technological and educational issues. Besides, Steve believes in the mighty power of the pen to change the modern world. Feel free to drop him a line on Twitter and Facebook!

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