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 5 Simple Rules to Create Astonishing Augmented Reality Apps

 5 Simple Rules to Create Astonishing Augmented Reality Apps

As more consumers enter the online market, the number of online apps available is quickly rising. Today, countless new entertainment games and educational virtual software are available online. However, one of the most enthralling technological advances is augmented reality.

Augmented reality applies computer-generated images on your screen, changing the way you perceive the real world when you’re on your phone. It’s a new technology that comes with many advantages. Here are some great tips on how to create astonishing augmented reality apps to improve your business (or simply for fun!).

  1. The Basics

Pokémon Go has been extremely successful to the broad population. Since most people have heard about augmented reality for the first time playing the game, there is a debate in the online world about continuing similar projects. While Pokémon was indeed a big success, creating a similar application will not be innovative or bring in any advantages to the users. People might purchase the app but play it won’t be as much fun as it once was.

There are multiple online marketers determined to continue this niche, so watch out. It is better to use a brand-new tech instead of picking the old ones. It might be riskier, but at least it brings something new to the market. Make sure you don’t get confused by switching terms or mixing up words either. For example, many people think that image recognition stands for AR and vice versa but that is false.

Image recognition gives users the chance to scan products and see reviews online. On the other hand, AR creates interactive content. When users scan images, they’ll see 3D models into their camera image (right on top of the real-world objects).

Thus, make sure you pick the right niche, customers, experiences, and content to work with

  1. Keep it Simple

According to Ken Lovegood, the lead IT specialist for Essay On Time, “Creating a simple interface is crucial when it comes to AR. Clients do not like complicated websites or designs, so make it easy for them to use your app.” One bright idea can easily transform your AR app into a popular one without having to make things too complicated for users.

In order to promote your app, make sure you design a quick and easy commercial too. If you give out too many details, customers are going to get bored and become uninterested. Too much thinking in the online world can be damaging. Any good online marketer will use a simple interface, give out some important details about their app’s content and features, and press a like. That’s all about it!

  1. There is More to It Than Just Fun

Make sure you make users’ experiences useful and not only fun. Yes, having an application scanning someone’s face and giving out his or her characteristics might be interesting at first, but the idea will wear off easily. You need something innovative, easily comprehensible, and, most importantly, useful. Clients must become dependent on your app to perform tasks. Before opening up a platform and investing in your ideas, make sure they are good enough! Research customers’ preferences, market goals, and business potential outcomes. Your app must provide either educational or practical purpose in order to be useful on the market.

  1. How About the Brand Image?

Your brand image has to be strongly connected with your Augmented Reality creating process. You can’t have a funny and smart logo and brand image, yet design a boring AR application. Make sure you and your team brainstorm ideas beforehand and stay true to what your marketing values are.

In case you represent a famous brand, you should combine different elements in your AR project. Make it fun yet classy. Design it for a wide range of people and not only for your current customers!

  1. Keep Location in Mind

Because AR apps use location as the main tool, make sure you keep that in mind whenever you design your campaign. If you don’t use the proper design for the specific target location, you might encounter unpleasant surprises. Your AP app might give out errors or stop working and that is always a bummer.


Make the best out of your AR experience by designing proficient applications and using the right tools. Keep your customers satisfied and your public content with your niche. Keep a simple interface and create amusing designs!


Steven Wesley is a creative writer and ESL teacher. He is interested in public relations, technological and educational issues. Besides, Steven believes in the mighty power of the pen to change the modern world. Feel free to drop him a line on Twitter and Facebook!

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