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New Book Release: Information Services Today An Introduction, Second Edition EDITED BY SANDRA HIRSH

I was honoured to write a chapter for the second edition (as well as one for the first).  It’s been released today and can’t wait to receive my copy of this new textbook.  Awesome work from the team at San Jose State University School of Information.

I also encourage you to check out the 10-webinar series accompanying this book at and to promote this book among your colleagues, students, and professional network.

Information Services Today

An Introduction, Second Edition

This second edition of Information Services Today: An Introduction demonstrates the ever-changing landscape of information services today and the need to re-evaluate curriculum, competency training, and one’s personal learning network in order to stay abreast of current trends and issues, and more significantly, remain competent to address the changing user needs of the information community. Specifically, the book:

Part I – Information Landscapes: Cultural and Technological Influences

Chapter 1 The Transformative Information Landscape: What it Means to be an Information Professional Today
Sandra Hirsh

Chapter 2 Libraries, Communities, and Information: Two Centuries of Experience
Christine Pawley

Chapter 3 Librarianship: A Continuously Evolving Profession
Stephen Abram

Chapter 4 Diverse Information Needs
Heather O’Brien and Devon Greyson

Chapter 5 Diversity, Equity of Access, and Social Justice
Patty Wong, Miguel Figueroa, and Melissa Cardenas-Dow

Part II – Information Professions: Physical and Virtual Environments

Chapter 6 Literacy and Media Centers: School Libraries
Mary Ann Harlan

Chapter 7 Learning and Research Institutions: Academic Libraries
Todd Gilman

Chapter 8 Community Anchors for Lifelong Learning: Public Libraries
Pam Smith

Chapter 9 Working in Different Information Environments: Special Libraries and Information Centers
Crystal S. Megaridis

Day in the Life in the Corporate Organization
Scott Brown

A Day in the Life in the Nonprofit Organization
Joyce Fedeczko

A Day in the Life as an Independent Information Professional
Jan Knight

A Day in the Life in the Government Organization
Michele Masias

Part III – Information Services: Engaging, Creating, and Collaborating via Technology

Chapter 10 Digital Resources: Digital Libraries
Lisa Gregory and Amy Rudersdorf

Chapter 11 Information Intermediation and Reference Services
Johanna Tunon

Chapter 12 Metadata, Cataloging, Linked Data, and the Evolving ILS
Mary K. Bolin

Chapter 13 Analog and Digital Curation and Preservation
Katherine Skinner

Chapter 14 User Experience
Courtney McDonald

Chapter 15 Accessing Information Anywhere and Anytime: Access Services
Michael J Krasulski

Chapter 16 Teaching Users: Information and Technology Instruction
April D. Cunningham and Stephanie Rosenblatt

Chapter 17 Hyperlinked Libraries
Michael Stephens

Chapter 18 Creation Culture and Makerspaces
Kristin Fontichiaro

Part IV – Managing Information Organizations: Management Skills for the Information Professional

Chapter 19 Strategic Planning
Lisa G. Rosenblum

Chapter 20Change ManagementRuth Barefoot

Chapter 21 Managing Budgets
Sara F. Jones
Chapter 22 Managing Personnel
Robert Goch, Bruce Haller, Dawn DiStefano, and Maureen L. Mackenzie

Chapter 23 Innovative Library and Information Services: The Design Thinking Process
Rachel Ivy Clarke

Chapter 24 Managing Collections
Wayne T. Disher

Chapter 25 Managing Technology
Marshall Breeding

Chapter 26 Managing Data and Data Analysis in Information Organizations
H. Frank Cervone

Chapter 27 Communication, Marketing, and Outreach Strategies
Sue W. Alman

Chapter 28 Advocacy
Cheryl Stenström

Part V – Information Issues: Influences and Consequences

Chapter 29 Information Policy
Kate Marek

Chapter 30 Information Ethics
Martin L. Garner

Chapter 31 Copyright and Creative Commons
Mary Minow and Liz Hamilton

Chapter 32 Information Licensing
Celeste Feather, Sharla Lair, and Jill Grogg

Chapter 33 Open Access
Heather Joseph

Chapter 34 Information Privacy and Cybersecurity
Cherie L. Givens

Chapter 35 Intellectual Freedom
James LaRue

Part VI – Information Horizons: Strategies for Building a Dynamic Career as an Information Professional

Chapter 36 Career Management Strategies for Lifelong Success
Kim Dority

Chapter 37 Leadership Skills for Today’s Global Information Landscape
Kendra Albright

Glossary of Terms
About the Contributors
About the Editors

If you are looking for an opportunity to learn from some of our best colleagues in libraries these days, this is the book for you—whether you are a student, a member of library staff, or someone fascinated by and in love with libraries and what they do for the communities they serve.
Paul Signorelli, writer-trainer-presenter-consultant, co-author of Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Library and Nonprofit TrainersInformation Services Today is an impeccably arranged and edited volume that introduces the reader to the core competencies and values, contexts of practice, emerging trends, and future challenges effecting information professionals and the agencies in which they work. All of the well-prepared contributions are framed for the student experience with summaries, scenarios and discussion questions. I would highly recommend this second edition of Information Services Today as an introductory textbook for programs preparing students for work in libraries.
Harry Bruce, dean emeritus and professor, The Information School, University of Washington

Although this book’s title is Information Services Today, it prepares students for future information landscapes. It does so by reflecting on the past and present and suggesting ways in which the future may play out. By the end of the book, students should understand the evolution of the field and be excited by the process of change.
Michele Cloonan, professor and past dean, School of Library and Information Science, Simmons College


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