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5 Strategies to Avoid Groupthink

5 Strategies to Avoid Groupthink

5 Strategies to Avoid Groupthink

Here are a few ideas to help you avoid groupthink at your next team meeting:

“1. Give people the agenda ahead of time so they can plan their contributions. Many people are nervous speaking off-the-cuff in front of others. If you clearly articulate the issues to be addressed and the information you’re looking for, group members can decide what they wish to contribute in advance.

2. Ask everyone to bring two ideas to contribute. Give each person time to speak, and be comfortable with silences. This is especially important if you have a few outspoken people who typically take over or dominate meetings.

3. Let people contribute in different ways. Some people will be reluctant to speak up in a group setting, even when given the chance to prepare. This doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t worth hearing! Encourage people to email you with follow-up ideas, or to meet one-on-one. Perhaps give people the option to submit written ideas before the start of the meeting instead of having to voice them out loud.

4. Argue the other side. If you feel the group is being swayed unfairly and falling into a groupthink mentality, try playing the devil’s advocate. Ask team members to present the pros and cons of the proposed idea. Try arguing for a different side and see how many people in the room were being swayed by the delivery of the idea and not its content.

5. Have a plan B. After a decision has been reached, draw up a contingency plan. What if plan A isn’t as good as the group believed? Many decisions fall short, not because they were poorly considered, but because circumstances changed or new information came to light and the group or organization wasn’t prepared. When a group is emotionally invested in a plan, coming up with another that is legitimate and valid is more difficult than it appears, but it is worth the effort and may ultimately avert disaster.”


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