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“What skills or abilities do you think are necessary to successfully run public programs at libraries?”

“What skills or abilities do you think are necessary to successfully run public programs at libraries?”

What Skills Make for Good Library Programming?

“Top Nine Skills for Programming

  1. To do public programs, library workers need communication skills, including customer service, networking, public speaking, facilitation, and “people skills.” Running programs requires talking to all kinds of people in all kinds of contexts.
  2. Staff working in public programs also need organizational skills. We included two frequent keywords, “project management” and “time management,” in this category.
  3. Perhaps obviously, event planning skills came up time and again.
  4. To run programs at libraries, it’s important to have knowledge of the community. That means everything from listening skills and open-mindedness to intercultural and diversity skills. It also includes group-specific competencies like second language skills or knowledge of child development.
  5. There’s no point in running a program if nobody comes. Outreach and marketing also made the list.
  6. It’s also important to be creative. Unexpected challenges come up with programs all the time, and quite a few people mentioned “flexibility” and “problem-solving” as essential.
  7. This job function also requires financial skills: budgeting, grants, and fundraising, depending on how the library functions.
  8. Many of the library staffers who answered the survey emphasized evaluation skills. To assess the value of programs, library programming staff need to understand statistics, benchmarking, and how to assess a community’s needs and resources.
  9. Finally, we received many responses pinpointing content knowledge. For example, it’s nearly impossible to run a coding class if you don’t know how to use a computer.”


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