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Is PolitiFact biased? This content analysis says no

Is PolitiFact biased? This content analysis says no

Poynter Institute Study.

“It’s a critique that PolitiFact has long been accustomed to hearing.

“PolitiFact is engaging in a great deal of selection bias,” The Weekly Standard wrote in 2011. “’Fact Checkers’ Overwhelmingly Target Right-Wing Pols and Pundits” reads an April 2017 headline from NewsBusters, a site whose goal is to expose and combat “liberal media bias.” There’s even an entire blog dedicated to showing the ways in which PolitiFact is biased.

The fact-checking project, which Poynter owns, has rebuffed those accusations, pointing to its transparent methodology and funding (as well as its membership in the International Fact-Checking Network) as proof that it doesn’t have a political persuasion. And now, PolitiFact has an academic study to back it up.

The report, published by researchers at the University of Washington and Carnegie Mellon University in March, analyzes language that PolitiFact has published about Democrats and Republicans to see how the organization has framed speakers from both parties. It also includes an external analysis that compares how PolitiFact frames issues to how the media at large does.”

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