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Reuters Digital News Report and News Literacy

Reuters Digital News Report and News Literacy

“In June the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism published the 2018 Reuters Digital news report. It is based on research carried out by the market research organisation YouGov, with 74,000 respondents in 37 countries (in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific) to an online questionnaire. There were also focus groups held in the USA, Germany, Brazil and the UK. A particular focus was trust and misinformation. “

“One section is on News Literacy ( which they calculated using three questions: Which of the following news outlets does not primarily depend on advertising for financial support? Which of the following is typically responsible for writing a press release? How are most of the individual decisions about what news stories to show people on Facebook made? “
“The section on disinformation and misinformation is also interesting ( with different proportions of people concerned about specific types of misinformation in different countries (the types that were asked about were: Stories where facts are twisted to push an agenda; Stories that are completely made up for commercial or political reasons; Poor journalism; The use of the term fake news to discredit news media; Headlines that look like news but turn out to be adverts; Satire).”
The whole report is at


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