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Smart Cities and Libraries

Smart Cities and Libraries

Smart Cities and Libraries

How does a Smart City initiative affect libraries? Here are a couple of thoughts. Not so much on how Smart Cities actually affect libraries, but on ways to help these city-wide initiatives out:

  • Partner with the city on their Smart City initiatives. City governments might need help deciphering emerging technology, what data is needed to move forward, or what partnerships they might find useful for a project. A good public library should already know some of these things, and be able to provide help and leadership.
  • Keep up with emerging trends. Sounds silly, but be a good example that the city can follow. Do it well, and share what works with local government.
  • Smart Library initiatives. I’ve seen some articles and presentations recently about being a “smart library.” I love the concept – but I haven’t loved all the examples I’ve seen. Some of them are really just rehashing literacy, reading, etc types of initiatives and then calling themselves a “smart library.” Uhm … I don’t think that means what you think that means. But maybe I’m wrong!

Here are some articles about Smart Cities for more information:




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