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WEBINAR: How To Combat COVID-19 Related Misinformation Download

On Friday, March 20th, The EveryLibrary Institute hosted a webinar on How To Combat COVID-19 Related Misinformation.

Now you can watch the webinar on-demand for free.

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We’re also providing our premium webinars (typically $25) available to library workers with a donation of any amount to the EveryLibrary Institute. Your donations ensure that we can continue to pay our presenters.

In this webinar, we hosted Sarah Brandt of NewsGuard and Christopher Harris of the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership to discuss valuable insights on how to counsel patrons when they ask you COVID-19 related questions.

Now more than ever, information literacy is a critical resource to have in your intellectual toolbox. With the closures of many school systems and the imminent closure of many libraries, the role of librarians in a community will be more important than ever. When libraries close, questions don’t stop. This means your reference lines will be critical assets to your community.

The tools you gain from this webinar will prepare you to guide your community through a minefield of misinformation during a time when facts are of the most importance.

Sarah Brandt is the Vice President of News Literacy Programs for Newsguard. Newsguard is a rating service for search engines and social networks that shows the trustworthiness and reliability of over 2,000 news and information sites to over 95% of all online engagements with news in English in the United States.

Christopher Harris is Director of the School Library System for the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership. He hosts the blog “Infomancy” and is a regular contributor to the School Library Journal on information literacy and IT.

Rewatch the webinar here and download the slides here so you can follow along.

 Below are the links mentioned in the webinar as well as some great links suggested by our attendees.

EveryLibrary Resource Guide

Coronavirus Misinformation Tracking Center from NewsGuard

Curated List of Trusted Information for all things COVID-19 from Christopher Harris

Bill Jones – CDC Resources in Languages Other than English / Manage Anxiety & Stress

Elena Rosenfeld – Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish and Chinese)

Kallie Schell – Getting sleep in the age of COVID-19

Dina Hornreich – COVID-19 Updates and Statistics

We hope that you can check out the webinar and gain valuable information on how you can act as a valuable guard against misinformation in your library and your community.

About Our Premium Webinar Series

If you’re worried about the impact on your library’s funding considering that libraries have lost nearly 20% of voter support for funding in the last ten years, or if you’re a school librarian and concerned about the closure of school libraries across the country, or if your library organization is worried about ensuring continued support for library funding during a recession, this webinar series will help you build the tools, skills, and strategies you need to keep your doors open and continue serving the public.

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