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“Making sense of the numbers
So what do all of these new numbers mean for you?

Here are my top 3 takeaways:

1. With more than half of the world’s total population now using social media, now is an ideal time to rethink how we use these powerful platforms. In particular, I’d recommend thinking of social media as a layer that runs through everything that people do – both online and in the physical world – rather than being a series of distinct ‘destinations’ and standalone activities.

2. Try to avoid getting swept up in the hyperbole of binary predictions. Just as digital hasn’t replaced TV, working from home likely won’t replace the office, and ecommerce won’t replace all physical stores. People’s behaviours are evolving though, and it’s important to understand how these changes will impact demand for your brand’s products and services, as well as how you’ll need to adapt your marketing activities to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. My advice would be to adopt a ‘balanced diet’ in all things digital, and to take advantage of every opportunity to learn about what your audience really cares about.

3. Keep an eye on ‘stealth’ trends. Media stories about connected tech often focus on the platforms and the devices, but how people use these technologies is far more important. However, many of these behavioural trends emerge over time, without reaching a sudden ‘tipping point’ that spurs us into action. For example, the changes in people’s search behaviours that we explored above could have fundamentally important consequences for brands across almost every category, but they haven’t replaced search engines (yet). And to make things even more complex, these behaviours are evolving all the time, so there’s no ‘quick fix’ that can deliver a permanent advantage. As a result, as you start to think about 2021, it’s worth investing in plans and tech stacks that can adapt and flex over time – especially given the uncertainty around the ongoing evolution of COVID-19.”











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