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10 Ways to Reduce Interviewer Bias

10 Ways to Reduce Interviewer Bias

Define the job, not the person. Focus on what the candidate will do in the role, not what experience they should have. Conduct a phone screen first. The phone minimizes the visual part of the first impression bias.  Use panel interviews. Replace the 30 minute 1:1 interview with a 2-3 person organized panel.  Script the interview. Conduct a work history review and ask every candidate the same questions.   Don’t make snap judgements. Wait 30 minutes before making any yes or no decision.  Be a Juror – not a Judge. Hear all the evidence before deciding yes or no. Use reverse logic. Become cynical with those you like and open-minded with those you don’t like.  Treat candidates as consultants. Assume the candidate is extremely competent and treat them with respect. Use a talent scorecard. Require interviewers to provide evidence of the candidate’s competence and motivation to do the work. Measure first impressions at the end of the interview. Determine if the person’s first impression will help or hinder on-the-job success.

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