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How To Inspire A Love For Learning

How To Inspire A Love For Learning

When it comes to succeeding in your career, there’s little that comes close to finding that love for learning and always working to better yourself. 

In today’s world of ever-changing demands and fast-paced industry, you’re always going to be on the hook for keeping yourself skilled and offering profitability to your business or you’re running the risk of being demoted or being made redundant. 

As you may have guessed, the world of business and employment are heavily reliant on skills, but also motivation too. It’s imperative to be driven and motivated to work and learn to better the business you work for, and so inspiring yourself, your children or your friends to love learning is crucial to successfulness. 

With all that said, we have a few points for how to inspire a love for learning, either in yourself or your loved ones. 

Capitalise on Poor Weather or Cancelled Plans 

To kick off our article, the first thing you’re going to want to do is use those bad weather woes or event cancellations in your favour to get the ball rolling.

When something doesn’t go our way or the weather is a little off, slowly learn to use these types of days to learn something new and get used to doing this. Make this a routine, for example. 

With the weather noted, then take the time to learn something new and remain productive in these days. Whether it’s an hour of code, learning how the financial markets work or understanding your requirements at work a little better, you’re on the right track. 

Work to Cultivate an Interest

One rather effective way to inspire a love for learning is to find someone’s interest, or your own, and encourage learning more about it. 

This could be anything from business to the arts and it is a great way to feed two birds with one stone — you’re learning how to learn and also building skills and an understanding of an in-demand skill.

This is particularly important for youth. Fostering an interest-focused learning activity gets things rolling when it comes to further growth and skill building, and with that in mind, you’re going to be prepping the younger members of society to land on their feet in the workforce. 

That noted, unemployment statistics show us that after COVID-19 more than 15 per cent of Australian youth are now jobless, making a skill-based learning activity a major key getting a foot in the door. 

Curate Learning-focused Activities

Designed primarily for our children, it’s a good idea to work to create activities that are learning focused and going to ignite a spark within our little ones. 

If you are a parent, consider weaving learning and education into activities in a way that our kids won’t be able to spot. This isn’t too much of an issue for the younger ones, but the late teens is a little tricky. 

That said, set the textbooks aside and consider a financial activity with the kids that involves investing, working for an income and other similar activities. 

You’ll be able to teach some essential financial skills and not have to rely on an on the nose technique. 

Consider Working on a Personal Challenge   

One primary way to inspire a love for learning is to work on breaking down a barrier or a challenge you’re experiencing. 

As you’ll know, when we learn from something or break from our comfort zone we’re placing the building blocks for more of this activity. Whether it’s applying for a job we’re not sure we are suited to, or simply trying out a new sporting activity, it’s imperative to break this barrier for personal growth and to learn how to overcome issues similar to this in the future. 

Understanding That Learning Opportunities are Everywhere 

Our final tip here is to keep in mind that everything is essentially an avenue to learn and once you’ve recognised this, then you’re well on your way to inspire a love for learning. 

Whether it is book focused or simply everyday life related, you can find avenues to learn and grow in all facets of life, and this is great news when it comes to loving to learn. You often won’t need to seek out ways to learn — you’re already doing it!

When we understand that we’re learning constantly, the barriers of finding learning inspiration begin to fall away and you’re more open and motivated to continue learning new things.

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