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Robustifying Links To Combat Reference Rot

New Journal Article: “Robustifying Links To Combat Reference Rot”

“The article linked to below was published in a new issue (#50) of Code4Lib Journal earlier today.


Robustifying Links to Combat Reference Rot


Shawn Jones
Old Dominion University

Martin Klein
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Herbert Van de Sompel
Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), The Hague, The Netherlands


The Code 4 Library Journal (#50)
February 10, 2020


Links to web resources frequently break, and linked content can change at unpredictable rates. These dynamics of the Web are detrimental when references to web resources provide evidence or supporting information.


In this paper, we highlight the significance of reference rot, provide an overview of existing techniques and their characteristics to address it, and introduce our Robust Links approach, including its web service and underlying API. Robustifying links offers a proactive, uniform, and machine-actionable way to combat reference rot. In addition, we discuss our reasoning and approach aimed at keeping the approach functional for the long term. To showcase our approach, we have robustified all links in this article.

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