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The Cycle: A Lesson for Libraries

The Cycle: A Lesson for Libraries

The Cycle: A Lesson for Libraries

“Kaiser is known as a turnaround master in the arts world. Kaiser has written several books outlining the broad principles by which he brought several arts organizations from the brink of collapse to the apex of success. These principles are distilled in what Kaiser calls “The Cycle.””

“The Cycle is brilliant in that it is both simple and impactful. The Cycle is broken down into a few steps:

  1. Produce Great Art
  2. Aggressive Marketing (Institutional Marketing)
  3. Build the Organization’s Family
  4. Build a Donor Base and Receive Funding
  5. Reinvest that Funding into Creating Great Art (Cycle Begins Again)”

“If you’re interested in learning more, I would strongly recommend you read Kaiser’s book, The Cycle: A Practical Approach to Managing Arts Organizations, and watch the above video.”


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