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What Students Are Telling Us About How They Use the Libraries

University of Louisville Libraries

What Students Are Telling Us About How They Use the Libraries

What Students Are Telling Us About How They Use the Libraries


“Here are some more of the top ways that students learned about the Libraries:

Which of the following helped you learn about the University Libraries?
Campus tour, orientation, or resources fair 21.54%
Course requirement 21.32%
A librarian came to my class 11.10%
Blackboard 10.00%
Academic Advisor 8.35%
Freshman Guide 6.70%
Recommendation from a friend 5.49%

We also wanted to know why some students don’t use the Libraries. Most of these students said that they just haven’t needed to yet but will when the need arises (32.20%). Others say that they currently have access to all the resources they need to complete their coursework (22.03%). However, there were some students who said they either don’t know how to use the Libraries or don’t know what kinds of services and resources the Libraries offer (11.86% for each). We’ll be working hard to try and bring those numbers down before the next survey.”


“Please rate your confidence in completing the following tasks: “Not at all Confident” or “Not very Confident”
Locate books and other materials required for an assignment 9.41%
Locate scholarly, peer-reviewed materials when required for an assignment 5.02%
Develop a research topic for an assignment 5.06%
Cite sources appropriately when required for an assignment 3.72%
Evaluate the trustworthiness of news and other web sources 3.31%”



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