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To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

To Accelerate Our Economic Recovery, Look to the Arts

The research is clear: The creative and cultural sectors are a powerful force for helping communities large and small turn the corner on the pandemic’s economic shocks.

“New research shows that the arts can accelerate state and local economic turnarounds. A first-of-its-kind empirical analysis conducted by Douglas Noonan at Indiana University studied the role of the arts in economic recovery after the Great Recession, and the data reveals that the creative sector grew more quickly than the general economy in those years. Unlike conventional industrial supply chains, the arts often grow independently from other sectors, which helps to diversify state economies. States with varied arts ecosystems (including the performing, visual, media, design and publishing subsectors) posted bigger economic gains after the Great Recession than their less-diversified neighbors. Creativity also stimulates workforcerural and tourism development while bolstering civic engagement, making the arts a powerful superfood for building economic strength.”





Posted on: May 31, 2021, 6:28 am Category: Uncategorized

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