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People who are toxic online are also toxic in real life, says a new study

Via New World – Same Humans

Troll with it

“People who are toxic online are also toxic in real life, says a new study.

At first hearing that conclusion may seem superficial. In fact, it challenges one of our central theories on internet culture.

It’s often said that social media encourages hostile behaviour because it depersonalises our interactions; sitting behind a screen, so runs this argument, people behave in ways that they never would IRL. But researchers at Denmark’s Aarhus University analysed data from eight cross-national surveys and behavioural studies, and found little support for that idea. Instead, the data exposed a quite different reality: internet tossers are just tossers, whether online or in real life.

In other words: the internet isn’t making people rotten, it’s just handing the rotten people a bigger microphone.

Another new study this week offers a window on to why that is such a problem. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology found that their GPT-3 chatbot was almost twice as likely to express agreement with offensive Reddit comments as it was with non-offensive ones. The reason? The chatbot is simply mimicking human behaviour. Analysis also revealed that across 2,000 Reddit threads, toxic comments saw a response agreement rate of 42%, against only 13% for non-offensive comments.”

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