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Which Companies Make Up The Library Systems Market?

Marshall Breeding has done his usual stellar job of updating his charts about the history of library systems company mergers and acquisitions.  He’s done a new version and maintained the old version which is getting unwieldy.  Additions include the roles of equity capital and the new charts serve as an interesting data-point for the Clarivate/ProQuest acquisition that is under review by the FTC.  “What Breeding’s fabulous chart does not precisely represent is the market share that ProQuest/Ex Libris had captured. According to Ithaka, the acquisition brought their US market share of academic libraries from 49% to 72% and their share of public libraries from 6% to 54%. ”

These graphics illustrate the history of mergers and acquisitions in the library technology industry.

Sample of new version highlighting ProQuest and Clarivate:




Old version

Graphic history of the history of library automation
by Marshall Breeding

Some further analysis:

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