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Register today for the library Advocacy and Funding Conference (Sept 26-28th, 2022)

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Have you wondered what to say in the face of the book banning and censorship currently gripping the United States? Do you want a data-driven approach to crafting and delivering anti-censorship messages?

In anticipation of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, the EveryLibrary Institute has commissioned a public opinion poll of American voters to better understand political support and opposition to book banning and provide the data we need to construct better messages.

The full results will be presented at the conference!


Register today for the library Advocacy and Funding Conference (Sept 26-28th)


During Banned Books Week, you will see our public results in the media, and you’ll get access to the media report. The good news is that voters want to make their own choices about what they read. The survey shows that most voters oppose banning books due to race, sexuality, and other concerns. The best news is that voters are opposed to legislators that want to ban books and they indicate that they are willing to take that opposition to the polls this November.

But we also learned a lot more from this data, and we want to give you exclusive access to the complete data set.

In these expanded results we learned who opposes book banning and why. These insights allow us to develop highly effective messaging strategies that we can use in our fight against the onslaught of anti First Amendment legislation and book banning attempts at local school and public libraries.


Register today for the library Advocacy and Funding Conference (Sept 26-28th)


As an attendee of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference, not only will you receive exclusive early access to the expanded results of this poll, but you’ll hear from our pollsters about using this data to create better messaging strategies and tactics.

Our professional pollsters will deliver key recommendations that will help cut through the noise of book banners and help you engage with the public in an effective and meaningful way. This will be advocacy data that you can use!

Early access to the complete data set is being provided as a bonus to registrants of the Library Advocacy and Funding Conference!

However, if you can’t make the conference, EveryLibrary Institute will be conducting national training sessions for library advocates on effective anti-censorship messaging strategies based on this polling data in the coming months.

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