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Hey Facebook – Do Better. Perspectives on Facebook jail(s)

Hey Facebook – Do Better.
1. When a librarian posts something that is labeled satire and you fact check and restrict the user’s account, you aren’t qualified to do these actions since you don’t know the difference between literal falsehoods and satire. You might want to train your fact-checkers on what satire is.
2. When acknowledge that something is apocryphal in your post but admire the sentiment, and then you restrict the user’s account – you might want to train your supposed fact-checkers on what apocryphal means.
3. Lastly, I won’t even get into when you fact-check irony. Your fact-checkers might be untrainable on that one since there are whole nations who don’t get irony.
4. Also when I post pictures clearly labelled as AI generated for the purpose of showing my librarian tribe some of the media literacy issues and the power of the technology and you tell me that the picture was altered and put my posts into FB Jail, you are bringing disrespect down on your company and it’s deserved. Is it AI or algorithms or humans that are making these decisions? You’ve got a ways to go before any of them are ready to do so.
However, this experience gives me an idea.  One neat little test for AI as it approaches Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is to test it on satire, irony, fantasy, etc.
May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'Stephen Abram You shared this on your profile Mar 3, 2023 The post includes information that independent fact-checkers said was false. don't know if this is apocryphal or not, but it's a good lesson anyway. Stephen Abram You shared this on your profile Mar 24, 2023 The post includes information that independent fact-checkers said was false. It's sad AND hilarious when you find a satire account where you can't really tell the difference between reporting and satire.'
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  1. Their “fact checkers”/bots must be particularly “frisky” today. I shared a news story out of the Texas Tribune, on the rising gun violence in that state. Texas Tribune a respectable and reputable publication. I did not comment on it, just shared, and right away it threatened me with jail. I then made a remark to this effect on FB, and got another jail threat. I appealed, we’ll see.

    Hope you stay out of jail.