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The Bridge Toolkit for Digital equity and Inclusion

A trusted leader in public library  digital inclusion
and  equity data

Bridge provides Ontario public libraries with a FREE innovative, automated and practical data solution platform to help them measure the value and impact of their technology services. Bridge utilizes outcome measurement to empower libraries with evidence and insight through data dashboards, surveys and reports.


Your library makes an impact We help you demonstrate it

Our Vision

To provide every Ontarian with convenient local access to technology they want and need, and the comfort and confidence to use it so they can access economic, educational, social, health and civic opportunities to achieve prosperity, advancement and overall well-being.

Our Mission

Partnering with libraries across Ontario, Bridge helps public libraries:

  • Measure equity and demonstrate impact to drive digital inclusion and respond to community needs.
  • Provide critical feedback to manage technology resources more efficiently and effectively, fostering continuous improvement and data-driven decision support.
  • Empower advocacy and accountability in reporting requirements, with implications for meeting strategic priorities and securing sustainable funding

Perfect solution for your library technology data

Bridge consists of three essential components that collect, measure and evaluate the impact of technology services on digital inclusion in public libraries:

Patron Survey

This component involves collecting feedback directly from library users regarding their experiences with technology services…

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Staff Survey

The staff survey component allows library staff members to provide their perspectives on technology services. They can offer insights…

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Availability & Usage Indicators

This component involves tracking data related to the availability and usage of technology services…

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