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Introducing Gemini Ultra—how it stacks up against ChatGPT-4. 

Introducing Gemini Ultra—how it stacks up against ChatGPT-4.

Via The Neuron

After 10 months of anticipation, 1 faked demo, and 100s of hype-y TechCrunch pieces, Google’s rival to ChatGPT-4 is here: Gemini Ultra.
Also, Bard has gotten a name upgrade to “Gemini”.
Here’s a breakdown for the name-challenged (like us):
Hacker News
Gemini Pro 1.0 (previously Bard) is akin to ChatGPT-3.5, making the best free chatbot on the market Claude 2.1—yes, you heard that right.
Now, Google claims that Gemini Ultra is the best available chatbot, outperforming ChatGPT-4 on benchmarks. So, we put the two head-to-head across various work-related tasks to see what’s what.
*TLDR: Gemini Ultra is a big upgrade from Bard, but is still mildly worse than GPT-4.

Where ChatGPT-4 wins:

  • Faster responses.
  • Superior logical reasoning, creativity, & handling complex verbal tasks.
  • Produces code with fewer errors.
  • Maintains context better across long convos.
  • Hallucinates and gets off topic less.
  • Can handle PDFs, data analysis, & math tasks better.
  • Better at image generation & understanding.
  • Less censored—early reports suggest Gemini avoids controversial topics entirely.
Gemini ALSO mixed up the man/woman categories

Where Gemini wins:

  • Better at translating languages.
  • Tries harder to answer your question & initiates follow-ups.
  • Enhanced search capabilities, integrating Google search results.
  • Better integrations —YouTube, Maps, & soon Workspace apps (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc).
  • You can test Ultra for 2 months at no charge here.

Where they tie:

  • both cost $20/month.
  • both have mobile apps (download Gemini on Android and iOS).

Which should you use?

Our guidance mirrors our previous Bard vs. ChatGPT pieceFor work tasks, ChatGPT-4 is preferable, but turn to Bard for fact-based questions.
(Perplexity *seems* to edge out Gemini in search capabilities…stay tuned for a detailed comparison.).
If your operations heavily rely on Google Workspace, consider trying Gemini Ultra during the two-month free trial to assess its utility in everyday work tasks.
*we’ll update our advice as we continue exploring Gemini Ultra.

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