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Business Week and Social Networks

I missed this Business Week article first time around (June 11, 2007 – the ALA/SLA maelstom) but it’s real interesting.
Web Strategies That Cater To Customers

Blogs. Podcasts. Video-sharing sites. Social networks. Here’s a word of advice for companies scrambling to become a part of these conversations. It’s not enough to build a hub in Second Life or create a profile on (NWS ). It’s time to shift your focus away from trying out every high-tech platform that comes across your in-box. Instead, home in on your customers. Almost every demographic group you can think of is engrossed in the Web these days, and users are getting smarter about their tools. It won’t take long to find the consumers who care about what you’re doing—and tune in to what they’re doing.”

Pay particular attention to this chart The data came from Forrester Research.
It shows, visually, the use of the social networking tools by generation and the penetration of these tools in the U.S.
We all know that libraries are challenged with responding to the needs of a very wide range, demographically, of our users, This chart very nicely creates a starting point for understanding those challenges.

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