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Podcasting Tools

Are you reviewing or using podcasts to provide training, services or promote your library?
With podcast ready phones and with iPods and other MP3 players selling like Harry Potter, they’ve started to move into the mainstream.
This posting is an organized list of of 70+ tools and resources for all podcasters. Here ar t he headings.
Podcast Creation Guides
Podcast Hosting, Sharing and Networking (Free)
Podcast Advertising
Audio Tours
Video Podcasting
Mobile Podcasting
Text to Podcasts
Podcasts to Text
Podcast Directories
Live Podcasting
Podcast Hosting (Premium)
Podcast Search
Podcast Forums
Podcast Creation Software (Offline)
Podcast Creation Software (Online)
Miscellaneous Podcast Tools
Pretty amazing growth in a toolkit for a technology that’s still pretty new.
Need to learn more? There are podcasts from the SirsiDynix Institute on iTunes for free and webcasts on the SirsiDynix Institute website.
Take a look.

Posted on: July 6, 2007, 8:03 am Category: Uncategorized