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Second Earth

I’ve been talkinng lately that it might be sort of web 3.0+ when Facebook and Google Earth and Second Life type epxeriences merge – Second Earth social networks anyone?
I thought I was just dreaming out loud and people sometimes tell me that I am way too out there. So check this out.
“Arizona State University’s students have the opportunity to test a new product “that will be publicly launched later this year”. The invitation page mentions that the product is developed by “a major Internet company” and there are hints that the application is related to social networking, 3D modeling and video games. To complete the questionnaire and get the opportunity to test the product, you need to be a student at ASU.”
Speculation in the post is that it’s probably Google.
I wonder if avatars have a role here? That would align with Gartner Groups prediction that 85% of Internet users will be using avatars by 2012.
Maybe my speculations aren’t so nuts after all.

Posted on: September 23, 2007, 10:36 am Category: Uncategorized