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Using the Web at home and at work

I find the visuals in this posting useful.
I find that some data on broadband availability in communities difficult to use and understand. Most data talks about whether people have broadband at home OR at work OR at school. That data is good but it’s the overlap that is more important.
What percentage of folks have access to broadband at either home, work or school? That’s a better number to discover the penetration of decent physical access for most users. That combined with free or for-fee access through Internet cafes, libraries, hotel lobbies and Starbucks, et al, gives a clearer picture of digital availability. Cut the data by the rural, small town and city environments and we’d have a better conversation about where the digital divide really is. Then perhaps, equitable access strategies could be designed from solid data.
Just a thought. Anyone know of a good source of reasonably current data of this nature?

Posted on: November 21, 2007, 11:06 pm Category: Uncategorized