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The Mobile World

I liked this posting which started like this…
“In March of 2008, someone – probably in India – bought a mobile telephone. By itself, that wouldn’t be particularly noteworthy, yet it represented a watershed: the halfway mark of humanity’s accelerating interconnection. Over 3.5 billion mobile subscribers, or one person in two, are wired into the global network. Most of these people live in the “developing” countries, where incomes average just a few dollars a day. Desperately poor by the standards of the “developed” world, why would these people waste their meager resources on something that, to most of us, seems little more than a useful toy?”
“For the nearly two hundred thousand years of human presence on Earth, our lives have been bounded by how far we could throw our voices.”
A nice thinking piece.

Posted on: May 11, 2008, 10:56 am Category: Uncategorized