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Who Are The Digitally Savvy?

Here’s a new PowerPoint style report by consumer and media research firm Scarborough Research. It contains some very interesting analyses and data about US folks who are more likely to be “digitally savvy.” Do they have sattellite radios? iPhones? Are they on the web more? How about downloading activities or web 2.0 type stuff? Are they like us?
Understanding the Digital Savvy Consumer:
An analysis of the country’s most high-tech consumers: where they live, who they are, what they buy and what they watch/listen to/read

May, 2008
Table of Contents
Honing in on the Digital Savvy Consumer
Where they Live
Who they Are (Demographics)
Lifestyles & Shopping Patterns
Internet Behaviors
What they Watch/Listen To/Read/How they Commute
More About the Digital Savvy Segmentation
About Scarborough Research
Source & Contacts
It’s worth reading. Now this isn’t the whole library market, of course. It is one of the segments we serve and it shows how many of our virtual library customers might be distinctly different from the walk-in variety.

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