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If Mary Ellen Says So . . . .

If one of my gurus, Mary Ellen Bates, says so then it must be true:
An info pro’s Web 2.0 tool kit
A colleague emailed me the other day to ask me what Web 2.0 tools and resources are critical for research. Following are what come to mind for me… what else would you use for search (not professional development or other non-research tasks)?
a good blog-search tool like
a familiarity with Google News Timelines and Google Search Timelines
a couple of discussion forum search tools, such as Board Tracker and Board Reader
a trending tool for analyzing buzz over time, like Blog Pulse, and Google Trends and Google Insights
a podcast search tool like Podscope or Everyzing
at least one professional-oriented social network service, such as LinkedIn
possibly familiarity with and participation in Twitter”
Links are live in her original post.

Posted on: August 31, 2008, 4:09 pm Category: Uncategorized