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Vinyl Records

i had a few of these myself.
Now someone always challenges me when I say vinyl is pretty dead. Then again, I didn’t take latin in high school and survived life so far.
Anyway, check this out in case you’re interested in building a gret vinyl collection at your library:
“The Ultimate Singles Record Collection consists of every – yes every – 45 RPM vinyl single record that was listed on the Billboard Top 100 rock and roll charts from 1955 to 1990. Thirty five years of plastic music glory (18,400 records in total), some autographed. It’s what we in the trade call an instant record collection. The one teeny, and we’re stressing tiny, problem here is the fact that you’ll need to cough up $275,000 for the complete set. And probably need to think about moving out of the one bedroom squat you’re living in right now. But hey, faint heart and all that…
To be clear, it contains each and every 45 RPM vinyl record that was listed on the Billboard Top 100 Rock and Pop charts from Jan. 1, 1955, through Dec. 31, 1990. Absolutely every disc for 35 years, every No. 100 up to every No. 1. There are some 18,400 records total. Some are even autographed. How about the Beatles’ 1964 hit “Ain’t She Sweet” with picture sleeve, worth a cool $500; or the Beach Boys’ 1961 hit “Surfin’ Luau” worth $200. There are literally hundreds of extremely collectible 45s — Elvis, Joplin, Hendrix, you name it — and the collection in its entirety is priceless.”
I suppose this is the vinyl version of George Costanza’s Dad, Frank’s TV Guide collection.

Posted on: October 20, 2008, 5:20 pm Category: Uncategorized