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Accenture Report on Millennials at Work

I know, I know, some of you say I talk about Millennials too much! But here a global survey and recommendations for dealing with Millennials at work:

Jumping the boundaries of corporate IT: Accenture global research on Millennials’ use of technology
from Accenture.
[16 page PDF] summarized some of the more interesting findings include:

“• Millennials in the Americas and Asia-Pacific have very positive perceptions of technology, whereas most of them in Europe think that technology takes up too much time.
• Chinese Millennials spend the most time using real-time communication tools for both work and personal use.
• Millennials want to choose what technologies they use at work, especially in emerging markets.
• Millennials increasingly choose their employer based on access to leading technology.
• Millennials routinely bypass corporate approval when using devices and applications.

The report concludes with ways management teams can benefit from the survey findings. The report suggests the following:

• Adapt IT policies to deal with generational diversity.
• Accelerate experiments with social networking.
• Bridge the generation gap.”
• Listen and learn.
• Involve Millennials in polciy review.


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