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Tips for Effective Webinars

I’ve done quite a few webinars in the past few years and must admit that I always same away feeling that I cold have done a better job. I foudn this posting of tips to be quite helpful. So, if you’re a session leader, manager, moderator or participant in webinar I hope you find them useful too.

Tips for Effective Webinars
by Maria H. Andersen (professor at Muskegon Community College)
January 21, 2010

Here are some tips to help you pull off a webinar that will get you asked for an encore!

Before the Webinar
Engage often
Videos clips
Trial run
Moderator duties
During the Webinar
Desktop sharing
Webcam sharing
The echo
Additional Resources
Slide decks
Recorded Webinars
Presentation Mindmaps


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