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The Kindle and Magazines/Newspapers

It’s interesting to compare delivery of magazines and newspapers on these e-reader platforms. One of the asiest to compare is the Kindle since everything is right there on

Kindle Magazines and Price/

“Price is obviously an important criteria and here’s what we have –

1. $1.25 a month – There are 12 magazines at this price point including Shape, Business Today (bi-weekly), MIT Technology Review (bi-monthly, $2.50 an issue), ForbesLife (delivered quarterly, $3.75 an issue), Reason, The Fountain (bimonthly, $2.50 an issue) , Reader’s Digest, InformationWeek (bi-weekly), Women’s Adventure (delivered quarterly, $3.75 an issue), The Atlantic, India Today (weekly), and Cash: Personal Finance for Real People (weekly).
2. $1.49 a month – 7 magazines at this price including Opinionated (weekly), PC Magazine, PopMatters (daily), Fortune (bi-weekly), OneStory, and The Nation (weekly).
3.$1.79 a month – Prick of the Spindle. It’s delivered quarterly so the price is more like $5.25 an issue.
4. $1.99 a month – 9 magazines including Front Desk Chicago, Front Desk New York, U.S. News & World Report, Foreign Affairs (bi-monthly, $3.98 an issue), The Big Money (daily), Dell Horoscope, San Francisco, China International Business, and US News Weekly (big surprise – it’s weekly).
5. $2.29 a month – The New Republic (weekly).
6. $2.49 a month – 3 magazines at this price including Forbes (bi-weekly), BusinessWeek (weekly), and Slate (daily).
7. $2.99 a month – 9 at this price point including Newsweek (weekly), Time (weekly), The Escapist (weekly) , Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, The Objective Standard (delivered quarterly, $8.97 an issue), Analog Science Fiction & Fact, The New Yorker (weekly) , Asimov’s Science Fiction, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.
8. $3.49 a month – Salon (daily) and Narrative.
9. $4.99 a month – New Statesman (weekly) and The Spectator (weekly).
10. $5.99 a month – Modern Healthcare (weekly).
11. $7.99 a month – The Times Literary Supplement (weekly) and WirtschaftsWoche (weekly).
12. $8.99 a month – The New England Journal of Medicine (weekly) .
13. $10.49 a month – The Economist (weekly) and Barron’s (weekly).
14. $12.99 a month – Journal of the American College of Cardiology (weekly).”

So far, there are only about 52 magazines in the Kindle store for subscription. I think it is interesting to see what’s there. Many are free on the web and some aren’t on the web at all. What a can of worms!

As for Kindle newspapers, as of today, there are 103 newspapers on the list from 17+ countries. See them here. It seems to run from $3.00/month to $27.99/month for subscribing but the most common price point is about $13.00/month.

Will these kind of subscriptions cause web offerings to change as more e-readers plant themselves in the market?


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