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Critical Thinking Techniques

This is a great site from Cuesta College that I recommend:

Recognizing Propaganda Techniques and Errors of Faulty Logic

What are Propaganda Techniques?
Why are they used?
What are the most commonly used propaganda techniques?
Errors of Faulty Logic
Errors of Attack
Errors of Weak Reference

More here too:

Academic Support Guides
Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the careful and deliberate evaluation of ideas or information for the purpose of making a judgment about their worth or value: It is the ability to construct and evaluate arguments. (McWhorter)

Enhanced Table of Contents
Uses of Critical Thinking
Critically evaluating the logic and validity of information
Developing the ability to analyze historical and contemporary information
Recognizing and valuing various viewpoints
Appreciating the complexities involved in decision-making and problem solving
Being a Responsible Critical Thinker & Collaborating with others

This is an awesome resource that deserves to be ‘flattered’ by all libraries.

On a related theme, Henrik Edberg at the Positivity blog asks this questin:

Do You Make These 10 Common Mistakes When You Think?

1. You overthink.
2. You see things in black and white.
3. You think the world is revolving around you.
4. You generalize yourself and your world.
5. You look for problems even when there are none.
6. You are addicted to your comfort zone.
7. You think about yourself as a victim.
8. You think that what you feel now is just how it is.
9. You compare yourself to other people.
10. You think you already know how things work.

They’re expanded upon in the original posting.


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