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Dealing With Employees Who Are Social Media Celebrities

I love this post. Read it if you’ve got a Facebook star or celebrity blogger on staff (and I know many library bloggers who have this status in our field – You know who you are).

Dealing With Employees Who Are Social Media Celebrities
from Bill Seaver at Social Media Examiner

Here are the headings:

The Employee Celebrity Is Born
The Shift to Managing Talent
Five Opportunities of Celebrity Employees
#1: A Human Connection
#2: Enhanced Credibility
#3: Better Insight
#4: Enhanced Influence
#5: Crisis Management
Five Threats of Celebrity Employees
#1: The Power Player
#2: The Gunslinger
#3: The Chatterbox
#4: The Free Agent
#5: The Diva
The Adjusted Reward System
You Need Each Other More Than You Think
So, do the benefits outweigh the threats? Does your business have a celebrity employee?

Check it out. If you have folks with a vast network at your library, how do you play to the strengths and avoid the threats?


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