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Do Video Game Developers Ignore Women Gamers?

“The stereotypical video game player: he is young (under 20) and male; he plays for hours on his console, all from his parents’ basement. But that stereotype is becoming increasingly difficult to justify as study after study has shown that gaming population to be comprised of a very different demographic.

Indeed, video gameplay is not restricted to one age group or gender. Rather, game playing is ubiquitous, with 72% of households in America saying that they play some form. Just 18% of gamers are under age 18, while 53% are between the ages of 18 and 49. That means almost a full third – 29% – of gamers are over 50. The gaming population is skewed slightly more male than female: 58% to 42%. But it’s important to note that women over age 18 represent a significantly greater proportion of this population (37%) than do boys age 17 or younger (13%).”

Read the whole post for more data.

Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry (16 Page PDF)
2011 Sales, Demographc and Usage Data


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