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Social Media and College Libraries

Great list!

40 Ways College Libraries are Leveraging Social Media

“Social media is no longer a novelty in college libraries as almost every campus library has a Twitter or Facebook account to keep students updated and involved. But there are some college libraries that are really doing creative things in social media. Read on to learn about their great ideas.
1. Tuesday Trivia
2. The Incremental Project:
3. Broadcasting live events
4. Facebook photo contest
5. Displaying new acquisitions
6. Rebranding
7. Creating a connected presence
8. Real-time meeting feedback
9. Working collaboratively
10. Tracking social media involvement
11. Reference questions
12. Tweet upon checkout
13. Homepage IM reference service
14. Pointing out useful resources
15. How do you use the library?
16. Student worker training wiki
17. First Year Experience
18. Giving the scoop:
19. Zombie comic
20. Library Minute
21. Qwidget
22. Librarians do Gaga
23. Foursquare specials
24. Remote apps:
25. Poll Everywhere
26. Text a librarian
27. The Amazing Library 101 Challenge
28. Finals hashtags
29. Second Life sculpture garden
30. BiblioCommons
31. Parody videos
32. Getting feedback
33. Tour the library
34. IM widget for unsuccessful searches
35. Delicious tag bundles
36. Uploading visiting authors and lectures
37. Libguides
38. Connotea citations
39. Retweeting new material
40. JSTOR”

Check out the original post for more info and examples.
40 Cool Ways College Libraries Are Leveraging Social Media


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