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Quick Library Website Diagnoses

I think that these three links are helpful to do a quick review of your library website. Is it time for just a quick polish or a forklift upgrade?

Deadly Sins of Site Design [Infographic]
via New Media News for Independent Publishers hand-picked by Robin Good by Joe Brockmeier on 6/09/11

Infographic: 8 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Site
via Marketing Technology Blog by Adam Small

“KISSmetrics lays out the top 8 reasons that visitors leave your website:
1. Visitors are frustrated by complex or inconsistent navigation.
2. Visitors are distracted by popup, flash, and other ads that divert attention.
3. Visitors can’t find what they are looking for due to poorly structured content.
4. Visitors are surprised by video or audio that starts automatically in the page.
5. Visitors are required to register for the site.
6. Visitors land on a site with boring design or boring content.
7. Visitors can’t read due to poor font size, type and color usage.
8. Visitors return and never find updated content.”

Three Questions every webpage should answer – conclusion
by David Lee King

1. What can I do here?
2. What should I do next?
3. Why should I care?


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