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Elevator Speeches

Elyssa Kroski has written a great post on elevator speeches – one of the cool tools in the library advocate’s pocket.  Check it out and read the resources:

A Librarian’s Guide to the Elevator Pitch

“Here are some resources to help you do that.


The Harvard Business School Elevator Pitch Builder Application –  Harvard Business School

15-Second Elevator Pitch Wizard –



The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch – BusinessWeek

How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself – Harvard Business Review

The Art of the Elevator Pitch: 10 Great Tips – ReadWriteWeb

How To Craft A Job Search Elevator Pitch – Forbes

Elevator Pitch 101 – Elevator Pitch Essentials

10 Steps to Pitch Yourself and Elevate Your Career – JobsDB

How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch – Lifehacker



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I wrote about elevator pitches and more a few years ago.  Here’s a  link to that article:

Beyond Elevator Speeches! A Process for Influence

by Stephen Abram, Information Outlook, November 2006


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