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So what’s the curve to a hybrid print – e-book future

Loads of people are predicting different things about the future of books – everytng frm the sublime to the ridiculous (like the death of the book).  Her are some links to a ew folks with courage who are atemtping to talk about the adoption curve of e-books and when the may plateau and in which types – trade, fiction, textbook, etc

It’s a great place to start a conversation but be warned people get passionately enflamed.

Here’s some folks’ reasoning:

Will book publishers be able to maintain primacy as ebook publishers?

Posted by Mike Shatzkin on October 9, 2011

Will e-books take over 80% of narrative text sales?

October 21, 2011 | 2:43 pm
Posted by Chris Meadows at TeleRead


Just reading the coments is interesting.

Is this the ultimate unpredictable?







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