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Innovation Readings from Heart of Innovation Blog

I really like The Heart of Innovation blog.  Here’s their list of this year’s popular postings which might make a nice reading list for the holidays (as if you don’t have enough to do!).


10.0    The 100 Lamest Excuses for Not Innovating on the Job

10.0    20 Reasons Why Creative People Like to Work in Cafes

10.0    41 Ways Business Leaders Can Foster a Culture of Innovation

10.0    35 Awesome Quotes from Einstein

9.9    14 Ways to Get Breakthrough Ideas

9.4    The 8 Dimensions of a Brainstorm Session

8.7    5 Ways to Jump Start a Culture of Innovation

8.6    50 Awesome Quotes on Vision

8.5    100 Awesome Quotes on What It Really Takes to Innovate

8.5    100 Simple Ways to Be More Creative on the Job

I hope you find these inspiring too.

Happy reading.



Posted on: December 24, 2011, 7:00 am Category: Uncategorized