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Nine truths about e-book publishing

From Nielsen:

Nine truths about e-book publishing

Submitted by Emma Wright



1. An e-book is not just an extra, tacked onto the production of the printed book. As much work needs to go into it as would a new edition of a printed book. That is, a design specification, editorial checks, and reflection on the target audience.

2. Leaving aside arguments about aesthetics and tactility, an e-book can be so much more than a printed book, without any of the print production considerations and costs. A straightforward e-book can be designed with colour, contain extra pictures and text, and be completely linked internally as well as externally.”


“3. Involve the design department.”

“4. You must check your e-books.”

“5. Metadata is extremely important, for e-books and printed books.

“6. Consider the customer expectations for e-books, as they are different to those of the printed book.”

“7. Understand the e-reading user experience: you really need to try buying and reading e-books yourself.”

“8. Get involved with the code.”

“9. Finally, expect constant change and accept that you will have to adjust your practices as new devices and EPUB standards come along. At the same time, don’t innovate for the sake of it”

This is clearly the voice of experience.  Read and understand.

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