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Memes – how they are used by libraries and librarians

The inimitable Aaron Tay has collected a whole bunch of library memes.  Awesome,  Check it out:

Memes – how they are used by libraries and librarians

Rage memes, lol cats etc
Andy Woodsworth tried to spice up National Library Card Sign-up Month by using memes including Nyan Cat and Honey Badger

Have you see them all?
In his post he gives some advice on starting a meme too along with a hat tip to Adny Woodworth and Bobbi Newman who are pretty good at imagining and starting memes.  He also notes some video, Flickr, Pinterest and Twitter hashtag memes (like those that “are spread by librarians, many encourage and promote libraries or librarians (#followalibrarian on twitter#followalibrary) , telling the world what we do (Library day in the life), or how we look like (This is what a librarian looks like , Library wardrobe) or some other quirky part of our lives (Librarian shoes? View from your library, Bad library signages?)”.
All in fun.   Gets the good word out, eh.



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