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Mobile Stats and Development Decisions

It’s always difficult to decide which platforms to support and for how long and which ones to start with and when to wait.  Mobile platforms are no exception.

Here’s a couple of recent stats:

Android Tops 50% Market Share in the U.S. [STUDY]

Android‘s share of the U.S. smartphone market topped 50% for the first time in February, according to comScore’s MobiLens.

The figures were a 17-point increase over February 2011. Apple’s share for iOS for the month was 30.2%, which was up five points over the same time period. RIM’s BlackBerry platform claimed 13.4% vs. 28.9% in February 2011 while Microsoft had 3.9% of the market compared to the previous 7.7%. (The report didn’t specify which version or versions of Microsoft’s mobile operating systems were being measured.)

Overall, in February, 234 million Americans aged 13 and up used mobile devices. Some 69.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during that time.”

One-Third of U.S. High School Students Now Own an iPhone

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster today issued a report on his firm’s latest semi-annual survey of U.S. teenagers, the 23rd such survey in the firm’s history.  The results of the extensive survey of 5,600 U.S. high school students show that 34% of surveyed students now own an iPhone, an all-time high in the survey and double the percentage seen just a year ago.  Furthermore, 40% of surveyed students indicated that they intend to purchase an iPhone within the next six months.”

“In our Spring 2012 survey, 34% of students owned a tablet computer (same percentage as iPhones), up from 29% in Fall 2011 and 22% last Spring. Of those tablet owners, 70% owned iPads, 19% owned Android tablets, and 11% owned Kindle Fires. 53% of iPad owners also owned an iPhone, demonstrating the halo effect of entry devices like the iPhone.”

Windows Phone strategy doomed for Nokia

Interesting tracking on whether the windows mobile OS will make it.

Plus ca change . . .



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