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Another Grail: Flexible e-Paper

This is something we’ve been witing for.  ePaper that doesn’t require a hard framed device and that can display documents, magazines and newspapers and roll up in your pocket or bag.  Cool!

I can see subscription specific flexible e-paper where this is your newspaper that changes daily or our weekly or monthly magazine too.  It’s lighter than print and arrives without all the weight and inconvenience of laptops and/or e-readers and tablets.

LG’s Flexible E-Paper Display Is Coming to Europe in April

From Phil Bradley

“This is going to be a fun development in the ebook/ereader saga. The electronic paper display (EPD) is a 6-inch, 1024×768 e-ink plastic screen. It’s 0.7mm thick,  it weighs 14g, and LG claims it’s resistant to scratches and drops from a  1.5 meter height. It can bend at a range of 40 degrees from the center of the screen, and  it’s also about one-third thinner and half as light as current glass  EPDs, LG says, meaning it’ll be even easier to carry than the e-book  readers today.”

Via Mashable:



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